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A Door Closes

Dear Friends of Love INC of Southeast Missouri,


It comes with a very heavy heart to announce that Love INC SEMO has made the difficult decision to close its doors.  Our board made the decision Monday night the 15th of May. We have struggled for many years to keep our goal of “connecting Christians with our neighbors in need”. It became apparent that we could go no further, financially.


Many have supported us in many ways- in prayer, volunteer hours and financially. Many gave their heart to our community through Love INC SEMO.  I offer my sincere thanks on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself.


Personally I am so grateful to have worked with the National Office of Love INC that is successful in so many other communities.  Their guidance and wisdom has been priceless.  I am grateful for all of the church leaders that I have worked with, you are a guiding light in Cape Girardeau. I have been blessed to meet and work with so many loving volunteers, you are Christ Hands and Feet.  The staff and Board of Directors of Love INC SEMO are very special people and I am certain we will continue to pray for each other.


It was a blessing in my life to work with all of our community agencies that serve Cape Girardeau. You are an army battling poverty. I especially want to recognize the individuals and families that have been served through Love INC SEMO the last 9 years. My prayer is that they not only had a physical need been met but that at least in some small way saw the Light of Christ through those that served them.


Please continue to keep everyone mentioned here in your prayers. Thank you.




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Love INC always has Love Stories.   Sometimes when I am getting ready to put something on Facebook or our Web I go through my brain trying to think of a "story" to share and come up blank.
Today there is a story that will be hard to forget. We have a new volunteer Receptionist, Mona. This morning Mona answered a call from a man the Community Counseling Center referred to us. The man told Mona he had recently been released from prison and had an apartment he was moving into tomorrow.  He told her he had nothing such as furniture, towels or dishes. Mona continued to get all of the information from him and tell him that someone would be calling him back. As we always do she asked if she could pray with him.
I want to stop here and tell you more about Mona. She is a middle aged white woman that loves the Lord but has not been attending church regular until recently. When she came into our office to interview and do orientation, I could tell she would be a great volunteer.  Quick to smile and make a joke and get everyone laughing. 
On the first day she volunteered she asked me to talk privately. She told me she prays but in her heart. She wasn't sure she could pray out loud over the phone with people. We talked about it and she agreed to give it a try.
Now fast forward to this morning. When Mona asked the man if they could pray he said, "Can you save me?". Mona said, "Wait a minute".  She laughs when she tell this part. She panicked as she looked for someone else to help her.  Everyone was on the phone. She called for Marlene the Clearinghouse Coordinator.  Marlene was having a conversation on her cell phone. Marlene came over to Mona and not knowing what was going on just put her hand on Mona's shoulder and continued the call.
Mona realized the real Helper was there with her.  She got back on the phone and told the man, "I can't save you - Jesus Christ saves you - you have to believe that He died on the cross and confess with your mouth that you believe. He wipes out your sins and you are a new person - do you believe?"
As he cried he answered,"Yes".
"Do you believe He is your Savior?"
Mona told me they were both crying and praising God.  She told the man ,"I wish you were here I would give you a hug" as the call ended.
We all have doubts sometimes, mine being. is Love INC doing what we are suppose to be doing?  This morning it was, praise God.
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Love INC Turns 40!
Wow, forty years!  Love In the Name of Christ is now "middle aged".  Those of you that are near forty, in your forties or remember your forties know how much change you went through in maturing.  The same is true with Love INC. What has not changed is their mission, to mobilize local churches to transform people and communities in the name of Christ.
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Robert's New Bed

 I want to share a story that is so common here at Love INC.  The young man pictured, we will call him Robert, is an exceptional 15 year old.  His teacher is so impressed with him and reached out to us.  It seems a few months ago Robert fell out of a tree and broke his back. As a grandmother of 3 boys that takes my breath away. Robert seems to be recovering well under the circumstances.

Robert has been sleeping on a love seat.  I would imagine that isn't very comfortable in any circumstance but with his back injury it has been most uncomfortable.  When his teacher contacted Love INC SEMO I knew we could help. With the support of the 40 Winks Foundation and volunteers from local churches, we were able to provide Robert with a brand new twin bed and frame. We also sent along sheets,blanket and pillow.  

Even with out the pain of his injury I can only imagine the excitement of having his own bed.  I hope when Robert goes to bed at night he realizes the love that was given with these earthly things and the Love that God has for him and all of us.

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 Thanks to all that came out last Friday night the 24th for our First Annual Taco and Trivia Night.  Lots of people have told me  how much fun they had , some even more than they expected.  We did learn some things to make next years event even better.  A BIG THANK YOU to our board of directors who all participated in some way and to all of you trivia buffs.  See you at next years event!
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Trivia Night!
Come support the ministry of Love INC (In The Name of Christ) all while having a blast and eating yummy food! Join us on March 24th, 6-9 pm, for TRIVIA and TACOS. We are looking for teams of 8 to register and battle it out over a wide assortment of "faith-based" and "general" questions, designed to tease, tantalize, torment, and test your knowledge in everything from King David to King Herod. Do you consider yourself a Genesis genius, and Exodus expert or Proverbs professional?  Pack your team with all levels of skill and knowledge. There will be questions for everyone!

Registration is $20 per person or $160 for a table for eight. This also includes a yummy visit up to the TACO BAR!

The event will be held at the Jackson Civic Center. Doors open at 6 pm. Trivia begins promptly at 6:30.

Email Breita Church at for more information. Download the registration form here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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On November 29, the community is invited to participate in a quilt drawing. The quilt, pictured above, was donated by Wrapped in His Love, a quilting group at La Croix Church. Tickets to participate in the drawing are $10 each, and all proceeds will go to Love INC. We hope to see you there!
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Hunger and Homelessness is one of our areas'  “Dirty Little Secrets”. Yes, there are homeless people in Cape Girardeau County. Often our minds go to thoughts like: Why don’t they get a job? They don’t have to live that way.

Sometimes life throws things at us that are out of our control. If a family is living paycheck to paycheck, an emergency throws everything off. For example, if you become ill enough, you may have to miss several days or weeks off work.  You can lose pay and even get fired for attendance issues. Your tire could go flat and maybe you can’t afford to get a new one. You might have trouble getting to job interviews because of unreliable transportation. You may behind in your rent payments and get evicted. These are all examples that we hear at Love In the Name of Christ of Southeast Missouri every day. 

The following are statistics from our area:

  • 200 students are known to be homeless in Cape Girardeau County School District. 
  • 60 families are homeless in Cape Girardeau County at last count
  • 1974 meals are given each month by local churches
  • 1 in 4 children go to bed hungry.
  • 1000 + households are assisted with food at local pantries every month
  • 58 adults and 4 children under 16 are currently living in the Amen Center (the only homeless shelter in our area)

These are statistics are probably on the low side.  It is hard to measure exactly the number of homeless people in Cape County.

Take part in raising awareness for hunger and homelessness in our area. The following is an outline of a simulation of hunger and harmlessness project to do with young people or families in your church: 

  1. No Dinner.  Lunch would be the last meal of the day.  No bedtime snacks. 
  2. Sleep on the floor. Maybe a rug or cardboard box.  Sleep in a safe place like your home or church. 
  3. Take videos and pictures of your project. Please share those with Love INC SEMO.
  4. Record reactions of the participants. How did it make them feel? Could they image sleeping in a park or business doorway? How did it feel to be hungry and know there was nothing to eat or drink?
  5. Visit Wehrenberg Cape West 14 Cine Lobby between November 11th and 28 to see an interactive display about Hunger and Homelessness.

*This simulation is not to put anyone in danger or harm their health.  It is simply to act out in a very small way what homelessness is. 

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