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Just Another Love Story
Love INC always has Love Stories.   Sometimes when I am getting ready to put something on Facebook or our Web I go through my brain trying to think of a "story" to share and come up blank.
Today there is a story that will be hard to forget. We have a new volunteer Receptionist, Mona. This morning Mona answered a call from a man the Community Counseling Center referred to us. The man told Mona he had recently been released from prison and had an apartment he was moving into tomorrow.  He told her he had nothing such as furniture, towels or dishes. Mona continued to get all of the information from him and tell him that someone would be calling him back. As we always do she asked if she could pray with him.
I want to stop here and tell you more about Mona. She is a middle aged white woman that loves the Lord but has not been attending church regular until recently. When she came into our office to interview and do orientation, I could tell she would be a great volunteer.  Quick to smile and make a joke and get everyone laughing. 
On the first day she volunteered she asked me to talk privately. She told me she prays but in her heart. She wasn't sure she could pray out loud over the phone with people. We talked about it and she agreed to give it a try.
Now fast forward to this morning. When Mona asked the man if they could pray he said, "Can you save me?". Mona said, "Wait a minute".  She laughs when she tell this part. She panicked as she looked for someone else to help her.  Everyone was on the phone. She called for Marlene the Clearinghouse Coordinator.  Marlene was having a conversation on her cell phone. Marlene came over to Mona and not knowing what was going on just put her hand on Mona's shoulder and continued the call.
Mona realized the real Helper was there with her.  She got back on the phone and told the man, "I can't save you - Jesus Christ saves you - you have to believe that He died on the cross and confess with your mouth that you believe. He wipes out your sins and you are a new person - do you believe?"
As he cried he answered,"Yes".
"Do you believe He is your Savior?"
Mona told me they were both crying and praising God.  She told the man ,"I wish you were here I would give you a hug" as the call ended.
We all have doubts sometimes, mine being. is Love INC doing what we are suppose to be doing?  This morning it was, praise God.
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